Does This Mean Jason Kidd Is Finally A “True Net”?


That’s it. I didn’t want to overreact to the Celtics loss (it wasn’t even their first horrific loss to Boston this year), but the highlights of the Philadelphia game on SportsCenter are the last straw: the Nets’ season is dead to me. Baseball got here just in time.

I still don’t really get it: they had all of their best players back and they improved the bench, yet they stunk right out of the gate, even before all the injuries. I know they can still make the playoffs — but really, how far are they going to get? They haven’t looked like a contending team for more than four games in a row all season, and I’m probably being generous. Gah.

On the plus side, this sort of losing is, for a Nets fan, kind of like finding familiar childhood toys, or old photos, for the first time in years. It’s suffused in nostalgia. Yes, this is more like the team I fell in love with in the 90s — not those impostors of the last few years, with their fancy “playoff victories”.

Having lost all hope, though, there are still a number of reasons to watch the Nets limp to the finish line this year:

First, Vince Carter, when he’s on, is still one of the most exciting players I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately that’s only every fourth game or so these days, but still, it’s awesome to behold — and this is probably his last season in the Swamp. Seriously, if you have a few hours to kill, search YouTube for Vince Carter; I pretty lost all of last Thursday doing this.

Second, though I hope it’s not Kidd’s last year too, that’s very possible, and when you have one of the ten best (for my money) point guards in NBA history on your team, you should take the time to appreciate it. He got his tenth triple double of the season in the loss.

Third, Marcus Williams is developing almost by the week. No, he’s no Jason Kidd, but then who is? He still makes too many mistakes, in almost every game, but he also has quick stretches of brilliance that have me convinced he’ll be very good one day.

Fourth, Mikki Moore. Come on, you know you love him. He’s having a career year, I don’t think the idea of playing with anything less that flat-out, near-psychotic intensity has ever so much as occurred to him, and he collects snakes.

I’m assuming anyone who’s still reading this entry is a Nets fan, so what do you think? What went wrong this year, besides the injuries, and what do you think the team should do about Carter and Kidd? Do you want Lawrence Frank back? How much do you love saying “Boki”?


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