“Strobe Spex”: Way Less Wacky Than An Infrared Sauna



A Nike rep was in the Mets’ clubhouse trying to sell Carlos Delgado and David Wright, among others, on a pair of “Strobe Spex”: sunglasses that black out at set intervals – you can control the speed – and are supposed to improve your reaction time and concentration, somehow affecting, he said, the “firing of the synapses in your brain” and “helping you see things faster.” I’m a little skeptical, but hey, baseball players swear by weirder things.

Asked for his title at Nike, the rep described himself as “a jack of all trades, master of none”. It’s amazing how many areas Nike takes an interest in; they keep popping up unexpectedly in anything even vaguely sports-related, as in a story I’m working on about street soccer. I’d love to see some kind of map or chart of all their different branches, because for better or worse they have a huge impact on the athletic world.