Haunting ’60s Legend Survives The 40-Year Layover


Speaking for the fans, the pathos of ’60s singing group the Shangri-Las resonates deeply enough that one can’t help but feel awe at just hearing the voice of lead singer Mary Weiss again after 40 years away from music. To hear those same mannerisms—the way she nails the high note on the new “Don’t Come Back,” for example—hits strongly at something inside. Backed by veteran garage rockers the Reigning Sound, Dangerous Game isn’t confined to that genre—rock ‘n’ roll is eclectic, and the range of styles, coupled with the melodic strength of the material throughout, simply resonates as “good Mary Weiss material.” (Credit the nine marvelous contributions from songwriter Greg Cartwright, too.) If Dangerous Game doesn’t quite have the breadth of Loretta Lynn’s Van Lear Rose (an album with a strikingly similar Iconic Diva’s Stripped-Down Comeback backstory), it comes damn close, thanks to the alien sensation of hearing That Voice again.