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Our Man Sietsema: ‘Predictably, the dibi is awesome’


Willie Davis/Veras

I had the pleasure of joining Our Man Sietsema on one of his visits to Dibiterie Cheikh, the Senegalese spot he reviewed this week. “It sounds like a Russian place, right?” he asked. Yes, or something. And we’re still not totally sure how to pronounce anything we ate that day, but it was damn tasty.

As Sietsema explains in his review, the lunch menu features the more tribal fare, while dinner is the time for French-influenced dishes. We wanted to eat the whole plate of thiou ourselves, but when dining with a critic, you really have to share. Of course, they could braise a big piece of just about anything and tell us it’s traditional, and we’d have a tough time judging, but Sietsema has spent enough time in Africa to assure us that this place is a little glimpse into the flavors of Senegal. And right off the 2/3!

Dibiterie Cheikh
231 West 116th Street
(212) 663-0717

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