Play in the Drawer: Erin Courtney


Erin Courtney: Demon Babe (courtesy Peter Bellamy)

Our series highlighting unproduced plays by favorite playwrights, currently featuring the fly scribes of 13Pmarches resolutely onward. This week we feature the lovely Erin Courtney, whom we occasionally run into at the dry cleaners. Erin teaches playwriting at Brooklyn College and has graced New York with many plays, often produced by Clubbed Thumb, including Demon Baby, Pricked, Summer Play, and Downwinders.

Erin offers us an untitled play, from a series she did in 1993 where she challenged herself to write a play every day during the month of August, essentially 1/12th of Suzan-Lori Parks’s current project. Erin explains, “The first day I wrote a play called “The Death of Smiley Face”. In the middle there are plays about Mickey Mouse with bloody stumps for hands and Minnie Mouse as some kind of Ophelia, Elmer Fudd and Lana Turner in a foxhole together waiting for the war to end and reminiscing about their favorite luxuries like “Cleaning up”, “Killing for sport”, and “Hot Soup on cold days”. The
last day’s play is untitled but here it is:”

August 29. 1993

The woman gets up from the wood floor. She is suffering from writer’s block or from lack of concentration. On the day of August 29th 1993 she is unable to think of one thing. A man made out of cardboard boxes enters. He chases the woman around the stage.

Boxman: Wanna play trivial pursuit?

Woman: NO!

Boxman takes out a small shaving razor. He starts making small cuts on the woman’s forehead. She pushes boxman away and he mutates into a bizarre virus that is shaped like a snowflake.

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