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Votes for Women’s Project?


Sash and burn

Following the exit of artistic director Loretta Greco, the Women’s Project has announced a new artistic director. Sort of. Producer Julie Crosby has been named the “Producing Artistic Director.” Crosby has an impressive pedigree. She’s produced everything from the Fringe to Broadway and earned her Ph.D. in medieval drama, where she occasionally teaches. Obviously we’re champions of Columbia academics who work in the theater (Yo, represent!), but the naming of Crosby does somewhat give us pause. Even if we didn’t love all of Greco’s productions, we admired the thrilling and demanding female playwrights she chose to produce: Neena Beber, RInne Groff, Lisa D’Amour. Nice! Crosby’s resume is a little blander: On Golden Pond, Eve Ensler’s A Good Body, Skitch Henderson’s New Faces of ’04. (She’s produced Laurie Anderson, too.)

The Women’s Project seems to be making a statement in hiring a producer rather than a director, dramaturg, or playwright. Crosby’s initial choices are interesting, but they do indicate a move away form script-based drama. Upcoming works include Lear Debessonet’s transFigures, about people acting peculiar in the holy land, and the site-specific Girls Just Want to Have Funds. They sound fun, but the talented Debessonet’s more impressive as a director than a playwright and the site-specific projects tend to de-emphasize the literary.

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