No, Who’s on First.


Here’s a verbatim exchange for you that should demonstrate just how much importance teams place on the outcome of these spring training games. Some Red Sox reporters were chatting with manager Terry Francona in the dugout this morning about the difficulty of getting visas – Mets starter Chan Ho Park’s just came through yesterday afternoon, barely allowing him to make his scheduled start against the Sox.

Francona (suddenly puzzled): Wait. Who’s pitching today?

Reporter: Chan Ho.

Francona (even more puzzled): Really?… Who does Ohka pitch for?

Reporter: Toronto.

Francona: Oh – that’s tomorrow then.

Anyway. my whirlwind tour of central Florida continues, and today’s disappointingly un-picturesque stop is Fort Myers, spring home of the Red Sox. The park itself seems pretty, but I had to get up at 5 to get here today and I’m not really functional enough to appreciate it. More later, after a caffeine IV.