Waiting for Omar…


Willie Randolph and Omar Minaya are set to meet with Duaner Sanchez tomorrow morning at 8 am; Minaya was supposed to talk to reporters after the game, but “delayed” for at least an hour and half, so that’s been moved til tomorrow. None of the daily writers could leave, at the risk of getting scooped, until it was called off; I probably could have, but, well, I was curious.

The Mets lost to the Tigers today, but the pertinent facts are that John Maine looked pretty good and, though Randolph won’t say it for another week or two, would appear to be a lock for the rotation; Humber struggled, and has almost certainly been passed by Pelfrey in the race for a roster spot/call-up; and Carlos Beltran made a nice catch in center and hit an authoritative two-run homer (off Rogers, no less).

How laid back are spring training crowds? Almost no one even bothered to boo Kenny Rogers. That would not have been permitted to happen at Shea.

Off to bed, because I wouldn’t want to be late to cover a meeting about lateness. After that I’m off to Tampa for five days with the Yanks.