Yes, Don’t Worry, They Reminded Him About Daylight Savings…


No, really. They did.

Duaner Sanchez met with Willie Randolph and Omar Minaya this morning (with Sanchez arriving more than an hour early). All three said it went well, that Sanchez understands and is sorry he let the team down (Randolph said he “expressed remorse” — isn’t that what you’re supposed to do at a court sentencing?). He also said he’s going to apologize to his teammates one on one. Nothing to see here, folks.

Ah well, it was a nice little mini-melodrama while it lasted. And sort of a fascinating look into the life cycle of one of these stories, as well as Willie Randolph’s media management skills. He mentioned the situation to the writers, obviously knowing everyone would make it their lead story; taking it public, I guess, sent Sanchez a message and forced him to confront the issue head on.

After two day of speculation, editorializing, and players weighing in — all of whom backed Randolph’s decision — Sanchez, Randolph, and Minaya all met with reporters, each saying everything they’re supposed to, and make it more or less a non-issue again .

Really, for a guy who doesn’t seem to enjoy dealing with reporters all that much, Randolph’s pretty good at using them. I don’t mean this as a criticism — I think he handled the situation well, and obviously, he has the full support of his team (Minaya was careful to give him several votes of total confidence today, as well). But “handled” is the operative word there; he orchestrated the whole news cycle.

Anyway, I’m in Tampa now, and I’ll hit the Yankees tomorrow morning. The sign outside my motel say “La Quinta – Means The Best!”, but although my Spanish isn’t very good yet, I’m going to go ahead and say that’s probably not true.

The neighboring business are an auto repair shop, a pawn shop, and a Hooters. Whooooo! SPRING BREAK!