Good News For the Nets’ Move to Brooklyn?


I’ve been so baseball-centric I only just discovered that Isiah Thomas’ contract has been extended by James Dolan.

I have mixed feelings about this. I still don’t think Thomas is much of a GM (though I do owe him an apology on the Eddy Curry trade, which seems not to have been half bad, after all). As a coach, he’s certainly an improvement over the grisly Shakespearean tragedy of last season — but it says a lot about how low Knicks fans’ expectations are at this point that “preventing your players from quitting on you” seems like an impressive achievement.

I guess the truth is I’m still not sure how good the Knicks really are this season; they’ve been completely schizophrenic. And how much of the fault lies with the coach? Are they underachieving or overachieving? I can’t tell anymore.

Meanwhile, the Nets actually won a game! Woot! The team is dismal this year, sure, but Mikki Moore, of all people, has turned out to be completely awesome. Who knew?

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on March 13, 2007

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