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One day, little Cave Dweller, this blog could all be yours.

In the Village Voice‘s theater coverage this week:

I took up residence in Christopher Shinn’s rather uncomfortable Dying City. While the play offers affecting portraits of its citizenry, it doesn’t rate as a work of social or political import.

Though Michael Feingold does not suggest we should never never never never see Kevin Kline’s King Lear, he does maintain that the title role demands a fury that simply isn’t a part of Kline’s emotional makeup. Feingold also appreciates the retelling of Terence McNally’s “fairy tale” Prelude to a Kiss, directed by Daniel Sullivan.

In Sightlines, Andy Propst listens in on Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell. And he likes what he hears. David Ng doesn’t have a ball at Looking Glass Theatre’s production of Baal, though he somewhat blames the script. I like just about any play with bears in it, and Gwen Orel somewhat agrees, offering warm and fuzzy words for the ursine-inclusive The Cave Dwellers.

Elsewhere in the paper, Angela Ashman takes a rather naughty view of the onstage seats (apparently known as the “ass” and “boob” seats) available at Spring Awakening and in an article neatly times with the imminent St. Patrick’s Day festivities, Mark Blankenship says slainte the importance of being Irish, especially when you’re the Irish Repertory Theatre and you’ve just bought your space.

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