Holy Shit: Slash, Perry Farrell, Tom Morello, Les Claypool, Wayne Kramer, Alexi Murdoch Onstage Together @ SXSW


Like playing Guitar Hero, only REAL: Slash, Tom Morello, Les Claypool onstage early this morning at the Parish.
Click on this shit for the full effect.

Holy double motherfuck. New York, I have so much to tell you about this thing they call South By Southwest, but this comes first. I saw Slash early this morning at The Parish, a club with the capacity of 450. Slash! Totally unannounced and crazy. He was onstage in that Appetite For Destruction hat, cigarette dangling from his lips, pubic head-hair in full effect, wnka-wnka-wnkaing away on his guitar. Did I mention this was a totally on-the-downlow Tom Morello solo show booked only as The Nightwatchman? And that Morello also brought out Perry Fuckin’ Farrell? And Wayne Kramer from MC5? And Les Claypool? And — I have no idea how this happened — Alexi Murdoch? And Extreme embarrassment once-embarrassment (see comments) Nuno Bettencourt? And some other dude who looked like Duff McKagan (later update: who turned out to be the guitarist from the Satellite Party), but wasn’t? And they fuckin’ played “Kick Out the Jams.” And Jane’s Addiction’s “Ain’t No Right.” And Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Our Land.” Give me a few minutes hours days to mainline some Red Bull (read: drink two Red Bulls, eat a bagel, make sure I’m not getting kicked out of my hotel, shower, and drive to Austin downtown, then find WiFi) and I’ll tell you more.

Fuckyouandyourjadedcynicism: it was awesome.

Yes, that’s Nuno Bettencourt on the left.

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