Escape to New York


Fine place to visit, but I didn’t want to live there

Back in Brooklyn after a thrilling Friday spent at the Tampa airport, thanks to the snowstorm in New York…

The Yankees lost to Phillie today, 3-2. I didn’t see the game, but it sounds like Andy Pettitte was excellent (Chien-Ming Wang pitched well yesterday, too). Carl Pavano’s performance — three runs, two earned, in three official innings — is tougher to read; he said afterwards that he felt “a little funky.” Hey, does that guy know how to inspire confidence or what?

Meanwhile, the Mets played split-squad games and got rocked twice over; Aaron Sele, Chan Ho Park, and Jorge Sosa seem to have banded together in an admirable, selfless effort to further Mike Pelfrey’s career. If Pelfrey does end up getting the call — still a big if, I think — the Mets’ rotation will be 2/5 over 40 and 3/5 under 26, which should make for an interesting mix. Let’s hope Tom Glavine’s in the mood to give advice this season.

Also, at the risk of getting almost inconceivably ahead of myself, it occurs to me that even after the rotation is set the starters will still be competing: Pedro is tentatively expected back in July, and he’ll have to replace somebody. Then again, odds are someone else will be injured by then (*cough* El Duque *cough*).

Finally, this line is weeks old, but I had somehow missed it (until I saw it mentioned on Yanksfan vs Soxfan today):

FORT MYERS – Hideki Okajima said he had no problem serving as the appetizer before the Daisuke Matsuzaka main course yesterday afternoon at City of Palms Park….
…Okajima retired all three batters he faced in the fifth inning and said afterward he is quite comfortable being overshadowed by his more prominent countryman.
“I am willing to be a hero in the dark,” he profoundly said through a translator.

Okay, so “he profoundly said through a translator” is lousy sentence construction… but that’s one great quote.