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Sale: Feral Childe’s Siberian Train Wear


We’ve never been on the trans-Siberian express, but we imagine the long journey (at least six days, no showers, lots of vodka) would necessitate comfortable clothing.

For the innovative designers of Feral Childe, this adventure’s inspired creations of a non-hoodie variety. According to the Brooklyn duo:

Feral Childe’s Spring/Summer 2007 collection Trans-Siberia Express is inspired by the legendry 7,000 mile railway journey across Russia to the Sea of Japan. These clothes for the quick change artist travel from dusk to dawn, nimbly pack to nothing and spring unscathed from suitcases and pocketbooks. Crinkled gauze, lame, distressed leather and rainproof nylon are embellished with signature Feral Childe details such as limited edition ‘diamonds’ and amber chunks of cast-resin.

Hmm . . . although we appreciate the rainproof nylon and crinkled gauze (no ironing!), we can’t imagine traveling almost a week, sans shower, decked out in ‘diamonds’.

But this won’t keep us from Feral Childe’s studio this weekend. On Saturday and Sunday, they’re having a sample sale and stateside debut of their fall line “Canadian Alphabet.” We’re from that country to the North and we can’t even envision this one.

Feral Childe Studio
March 17-18, 12 p.m.-6 p.m.
269 Douglass Street at Third Avenue
Brooklyn, New York
RSVP: 347-225-7287


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