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Dream Play: Emma Griffin


Emma Griffin: A Pearl

Welcome to our weekly feature in which we ask directors what play they would stage were time, cost, rights, etc. not a consideration.

This week we feature the savory Emma Griffin, artistic director of Salt Theater, (currently working on Our Town and an adaptation of Riders of the Purple Sage) and a freelance director of theater and opera.

In an ideal world Emma would direct…

Jesus Christ Superstar

“Totally re-orchestrated, with a kick ass band and a fantastic string section. Sometimes I think I want to do it with a full cast of pop-stars (Christina Aguilera as Mary Magdalene), but then I come to my senses and I want to do with with a bunch of crazy actors. It should be in the summer, in that old factory in DUMBO on the east river, the one that is between the two bridges. With a rock-star lighting rig. And it needs to be very loud.”

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