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SXSW Street-Walking: Jibberjabbering with the People | Village Voice


SXSW Street-Walking: Jibberjabbering with the People


Mike (left), Jimmie (right) “spelled with ie.”

You live in Austin? How do you like it?
It’s kind of overrated. I’m thinking about moving.

Jimmie, what’s that a nickname for?
Jimmie: That’s it. James is my name, but I’m not Jemima or anything.

What’ve you seen [so far]?
Jimmie: I’ve seen Boris and the Melvins. I’m all about where I can go for free or get cheap beer. I can’t wait for the free Public Enemy concert!

What’s it like being from Austin and having all these people here for the week?
Mike: It’s too much having all these people here.
Jimmie: There’s more attractive guys than usual. I can walk around and just be like, hellloooo.
Mike: A lot of girls.
Jimmie: A lot of girls with big butts and boobs, so I can [makes ass-squeezing motion with her hands] and then say he did it.

What’s your tattoo?
Jimmie: It’s a dancing robot. It’s my souvenir from Phoenix, Arizona.

What does a dancing robot have to do with Phoenix?
Jimmie: I wanted a dancing robot and I went to Phoenix for two weeks to hang out with a friend and I was like, ‘I’m here and i should get a souvenir.’

So I guess you won’t ever forget Phoenix.
Jimmie: I know, isn’t that awesome?

Um, sure.

Chris Juargo (left) and Mikey Bielecki (right), bandmates

Chris, handing me a flier: Come to our show tonight. We’re in a band called Fight the Quiet.

Only if you let me take your picture.

Mikey: You have to get in the picture with us. We like hugs.

There’s no one around to take the picture. So [ignoring him] just, get together. Yeah, that’s it. [Click.] What bands have you seen so far?

Chris: We’re not really seeing people. We’re going around checking out what’s going on, but we drove out here from Flagstaff, Arizona to try to get some work done and promote.

Give me a two sentence description of your band.
Chris: A catchy blend of power-pop and alternative rock with nice hooks?

Aw, c’mon. That’s boring. What do you guys sing about?

Mikey: He’s the guitarist, I play drums, we don’t know. No [to Chris], what does Nate sing about?

Chris: Nate sings about joy, happiness, the usual—love.

Did you say love or muff?

Chris: Yes.

His hat says, “Fuck y’all I’m from Texas.” His shirt says, “Drunk? Free Breathalyzer Test, Blow Here.” And his body language says, “If you talk to me, I will spit on you.” I tried anyway and failed miserably.

Excuse me, sir?

[Looks up from his romance novel. Grimaces.]

. . .

Oh. Sorry?

. . .

Okay, sorry. Bye.

[Looks back at his book.]

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