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All City: SXSW 2007 Edition | Village Voice

New York

All City: SXSW 2007 Edition


Spent five days in Austin for the incredible music-monster that is South By Southwest. We’ve gotta imagine that the street scene is a little trickier down there, considering that the city wrapped all its street poles in plastic during SXSW and one a marketing flak trying to put up Zune posters ended up in cuffs. But at least they didn’t mistake the posters for bombs.

To be fair, we weren’t there for graf-hunting, so there wasn’t any trekking down train lines or creeping around dark corners, so we can hardly say this is representative of whatever exists of the Austin scene. So all we found in the downtown area were some stenciled stickers and a nice piece tucked back in an alley. The piece was cool, but we got better stuff on our apartment front door. We missed you, New York, every single one of you. Except the Splasher.

Yes, that is all.

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