Inside the Box


Buck Angel: Back in Black

After spending some years with the Wooster Group and a few more directing such lovely oddities as multimedia extravagances and Ludwig von Tieck adaptations, Richard Kimmel has spent the last little while writing and directing for some very theatrical parties and also readying the L.E.S. nightspot the Box, due to soon offer purportedly cool dinner theater. Monday night, Kimmel was able to combine these two occupations, screening at the Box a new film he’s made, Schwarzwald, much of it recorded live at the famed Black Party.

The film was a whirl of pagan, fairytale pornography, though more watchable than that descriptive likely suggests. It also answers questions we had never thought to ask: Can a grown man fist himself? Might he want to? The Box—and here we’re referring to the space and not star Buck Angel’s privates—looks to be a charming space, and we’re eager to see what stage delights they’ll offer once they raise their red plush curtains.

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