More Fun With Soundslides: Brooklyn’s Oakley Hall at SXSW


Who needs video with a copy of Soundslides and a stick of chewing gum? Click for full effect.

Couple weeks ago, Voice music editor Rob Harvilla previewed Brooklyn’s Oakley Hall at SXSW:

“Sired by singer-guitarist Patrick Sullivan (late of the equally excellent and still resurgent Brooklyn art-rock band Oneida), OH initially signifies— the fiddle, the lap steel, the lyrics about confidence men and carpenters and El Dorado—but melts quickly into trippy, jammy psych-rock alt.universes. Pick up Gypsum Strings for your next road trip with Fear and Loathing overtones. Guaranteed to open for some ‘established,’ yawningly traditional Americana outfit at SXSW and just make them look ridiculous.”

Seattle Weekly walking beard Chris Kornelis caught them last Thursday at a Rhapsody day party. We saw them earlier the same day (more on that later), but Kornelis somehow managed to cobble together a musical slideshow of OH’s afternoon set with a tin can, a stick of chewing gum, and a WiFi signal. The kid’s an alt-weekly MacGyver!

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