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Buy What You Want! Yaeger on ‘The Secret’


(From here: Illustration by Ryan Sanchez)

This week our fashion expert, Lynn Yaeger, takes on The Secret, Rhonda Byrne’s popular book on how to use the Law of Attraction to achieve personal success. In Shopping With The Secret, Yaeger writes:

I now use The Secret‘s secret weapon, the Law of Attraction, to attract exactly what I want. Lucky for me, The Secret has come along just in time: This season in particular clothes, shoes, and especially handbags have price tags once confined to diamond tiaras and luxury sports cars.

If you remain unconvinced of this bestseller’s ways, check out The Secret‘s film, playing next Wednesday at The Soho House Screening Room. If this isn’t near where you live, focus the Law of Attraction and a screening event will come to your ‘hood.

The Soho Screening Room

Wednesday 28, 6:30 p.m.

29-35 9th Avenue

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