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It’s a Good One: ‘Amazing’ Garlic Flavor Crystals


It could have just been a coincidence, but I wasn’t taking that chance. Last night at Amazing 66, practically every table had ordered the Roast Chicken with Fresh Garlic Sauce ($10 for half, $19 for whole). It was like a popular girl who seems kind of plain, but you figure there must be something more to her.

The chicken is perfectly cooked–very moist, with an extremely crispy skin, and instead of a “garlic sauce,” generously coated in crunchy bits of garlic and salt. These flavor crystals have long occupied a special place in my heart, since my first taste of the “baked” spare ribs at Sweet n’ Tart. They should be packaged like bacon bits, and always available.

If you don’t eat meat, you’re in luck. The Crispy Silver Fish with Salt and Pepper ($12, in a puffed, tempura-like shell) also bask in the garlic confetti, this time with thin slices of green chile, to boot.

Amazing 66
66 Mott Street
(212) 334-0099


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