Modest Mouse Tix On Sale Tomorrow


Did you hear me? Nobody showed up!

I had a dream about Modest Mouse last night. They were playing an unannounced show in some weird, multilevel tourist shack — the kind of place where you could buy batteries, 35mm film, and a Hershey’s Bar — and 10 people showed up. So instead of being thrilled that they could give us something crazy and intimate, the band would play a song off The Moon and Antarctica then walk outside and take a smoke break. Weirdest part: there were a couple people outside working the street-team for a gun manufacturer; towards the end of the show, they started handing out handguns. In the dream, I freaked out and ducked, thinking my obituary would be a Pitchfork news headline, but then people started laughing at me — they were toy guns. And each toy gun came with a free ticket to see the Ponys on Monday night at the Bowery Ballroom, even though the show is already sold out.

I think this means I really want to see Modest Mouse live.

Tickets for Modest Mouse at the United Palace (Sunday, 04/29/07 and Monday 04/30/07) go on sale tomorrow at noon. I hate Ticketmaster too, but it’s Modest Mouse!

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