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Our Man Sietsema: ‘Anesthetize your mouth with Sichuan peppercorns’


Our Man Sietsema has done a great public service. His latest review, of J&L Mall in Flushing, provides a stall-by-stall guide to the newest Flushing food court. Sietsema gives credit to this post on Chowhound for inspiring his research, which required the help of a few translators with big appetites.

As it happens, I was in Flushing just last week, and after doing a little exploring, I stopped in at J&L, unable to leave the area without one of my favorite dishes in all New York: the Guizhou beef noodle soup (at stall #2 in Sietsema’s guide). I implore you to get to the mall and have that soup. Have a lot of other things, too, but don’t miss the soup.

Here is a gallery of photos from J&L, by yours truly.

J&L Mall
41–82 Main Street
Flushing, Queens


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