All About the Hamiltons: Fort Greene Edition


Founding father, budgetary enforcer

Since the close of the that peculiar Cambodian restaurant, I’ve been at a loss for cheap eats in and around the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Sure, Thomas Biesl‘s fabulous, and while their schnitzel is not prohibitive, neither is it a steal. But last weekend, while enjoying Propeller Shakespeare, my sweetheart and I had our first, but very likely not our last meal at Pequena. My share may have cost just a bit more than a Hamilton, particularly as a glass of sangria was deemed medicinal and necessary, but it was awfully, awfully good. Who knew fish tacos and Shakespeare went so well together. Next time, I may try the wings at The Smoke, once I can forgive it for replacing the Cambodian place.

Also, I’ll be revisiting BAM Wednesday to see the Matthew Bourne. Will entertain reasonable suggestions for where to enjoy an post-play drink.

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