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Jeffrey Sebelia’s Post-‘Project Runway’ Show


In her “Project Comeback” article last week, LA Weekly‘s Linda Immediato caught up with Jeffrey Sebelia to see what’s behind his first post-Project Runway show.

Entitled “The Eternal Embrace,” Sebelia’s new collection is all about “true love.” However, we weren’t quite prepared for the root of this inspiration—”the discovery earlier this year of two 5,000- to 6,000-year-old hugging skeletons.”

“Just the thought of them embracing one another at the time of their death,” he says, “it touched me. It seemed like the eternal love people keep searching for. They’ve been hugging for several thousand years.”

So how does this translate into threads? The skeleton duo “made him think of the color of bones and dust and dirt, all of which suggested a color palette for the designs, and also inspired simplified, stripped-down pieces.”

“I know it sounds trite to say this out loud,” Sebelia says shyly, “but I wanted to get to the skeleton of the pieces, the skeleton of fashion.”

If you can’t wait until the line’s Wednesday debut, catch a sneak peak here.

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