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Get Paid for Spring Cleaning


Tokio 7: H&M is not a label.

It’s time to consign. But the catch is that this requires not sifting through the winter clothes you’ve grown to hate over the last few months, but picking through your spring and summer goods and facing the reality of what you will actually wear this year, and what needs to go.

We like to bring a garbage bag or two to Beacon’s Closet in Williamsburg (the Park Slope location is smaller and more yuppie-friendly) a few times a year and watch while some bored looking hip guy pushes our plain but good quality tops aside for anything ironic and trendy. Then there is the challenge of whether to take the cash or the credit (you get more credit than cash). If you’re as broke as us, you’ll know what to do. Do you really need more old lady skirts? or do you need to pay your cellphone bill, like, asap?

But Beacon’s Closet is no place for labels. When it comes to the good stuff, we are fond of Tokio 7 on East 7th Street. Yes, the process of showing your items can be a painful one. There’s no sugar coating here, ladies, but when they take something–in our experience–they sell it. You can name a price or they will suggest one, and in the end you get 50% of that amount. When we asked for some guidelines, an owner told us: “Current style, good condition, good quality. Designers.” And do not dawdle. Selling something late in the season means lower price tags, and possibly scorn from the management. So revisit that BCBG top your mom gave you a few birthdays back, which you know you’ll never wear.

Beacon’s Closet
(Currently buying for Spring)
88 North 11th
(718) 486-0816

Tokio 7
(Currently buying for Spring/Summer)
64 East 7th Street
(212) 353-8443


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