New York

Graf-Book Hype: Ezo, Muck, Host 18, Taboo, Demer Talk About Burning New York


Saw above book Burning New York this weekend at Zakka, the neat Soho shop/gallery that we liked very much until the floor manager gave us a verbal spanking for 1) Trying to take a photo of a sneaker-box character to share with you (“No PHOTO!” the dude said, all getting up in our grill. “No PHOTO!”); 2) Later trying to write down another url to share with you (“No MEMO!” Why? “Our policy! No MEMO!”). Fine, whatever, but why ya gotta be all assholey like that?

Hopefully you won’t have to deal with that shit to check out the book tonight, when a bunch of writers get together at independent Prince Street bookshop McNally Robinson to blab about graf, burning, New York. We know you don’t like to read, but this is different!


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