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Hot Topic Loses Teenage Goths


(From here: The alternative look of “tiny white hearts”)

There just aren’t as many teenage goths as there used to be. Or so it would seem for the apparel chain Hot Topic. WWD reports:

With fewer teens defining themselves as gothic or a metal head, Hot Topic, who once took pride in catering to these alternative groups, is looking for ways to appeal to a diversified consumer.

The new “Downtown” prototype creates a genre-free zone that management hopes will attract customers who describe the store as being too dark and intimidating.

For those who worry they’re losing a manic panic connection, fear not.

While the new stores may be brighter and less edgy, analysts believe Hot Topic is not in danger of pushing away their goth customers.

“Hot Topic is as edgy as you get. It is not as though there is another retailer who will swoop in and take away those customers,” said Kimberly Greenberger, specialty analyst at Citigroup.

Greenberger speaks the truth. Nothing screams edgy like their new red and white heart jumper. And don’t get us started on their wild spring break collection.

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