Soundtracks for Imaginary Films: Malls of the Midwest


SYNOPSIS Romo teen dramedy in which a disaffected Minnesota rock teen finds himself mixed up with what turns out to be entirely the wrong crowd. Is his girlfriend simply the hot goth tranny of his dreams, or is she really a satanist… and worse yet: a real girl? What’s a boy to do? When they stage a mock wedding/protest/performance art piece at the local Moose Lodge, everthing goes from weird to worse as the extended family descends (and a lot of univited guests) on the unsuspecting small town… It’s anybody’s guess who gets out alive. Or undead.

NEXT WEEK: Peter Straub on jazz for people who think they hate jazz

Playlist for Episode 36

Nightmare Sequence” by the Dead Betties, from Nightmare Sequence (unreleased, 2007)

Big Machines” by Silver Apples remixed by Snowpony, from Beacon Remixed (Whirleybird, 1998)

Making the Nature Scene” by Ciccone Youth, from Whitey Album (Geffen, 1988)

String” by Silver Apples remixed by HIM, from Beacon Remixed

Platoon II” by Ciccone Youth from Whitey Album

Catch ’em Young, Treat ’em Rough” by Eddie Dowling from A Treasury of Early Musical Comedy (Aei, 2005)

The Giggling of Ken & Barbie” by the Dead Betties, from Summer of ’93 (Dead Betties, 2005)

Open Wide” (Extended edit) by Long Hind Legs from Open Wide Remix 12-inch single (Kill Rock Stars, 1997)

They Wore Sequined Masks” by Plasticland from Make Yourself A Happening Machine (Rykodisc, 2006)

Destination I Do” and “Hellevator” by the Dead Betties from Nightmare Sequence

Children of Satan/Third Fig” by Ciccone Youth, from Whitey Album

Malls of the Midwest” by the Dead Betties, from Nightmare Sequence

Eden” by Gavin Friday, from Adam ‘n’ Eve (Polygram, 1992)