New York

Tyson Gets Ronnied.


Couple Sundays ago, these tattoo-faced wife-beaters went on sale at downtown skate-shop Supreme which is why you’ve probably seen all these Tyson posters wheatpasted around the LES. The street-team promo heads have gotten a variety of makeovers, but this one’s amusing–dead Alzheimer President on top of lunatic ear-eater.

What’s way more amusing? Wondering how long it’ll be until this adbusting streak shows up in the New York Times. Sort of like how Neck Face’s ad getting splashed nearly a month ago ended up in the Times on Sunday.

Yeah, we avoided linking to the Neck Face billboard piece, mostly because it seemed too easy to complain about the Times again. But then we saw the Neck Face/billboard article on the L Train and groaned out loud like, Dude that happened a month ago!, the stranger beside us was like, “What do you expect? It’s the Times.” Oh right.

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