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Remain Calm: Whole Foods Bowery Opens Tomorrow


Please excuse the inexcusable cellphone image above. These things happen.

Yesterday evening, we received an excited call from a friend. “I’m on Houston, in front of the new Whole Foods. There’s a huge! line! out the door!”

Confusion. Whole Foods is set to open tomorrow (Thursday) at 8AM. Would they pull a Shake Shack and step out two days early? But then why the line? And why did people dress nice for this?

False alarm. It’s a fundraiser for Riverkeeper (open to anyone who wanted to donate $25). We’ve seen a few Whole Foods markets in our day, but mill around briefly anyway.

Passing by the crowd of gawkers, we spot Niki Federman, who now runs Russ & Daughters with her cousin Josh Tupper (Niki is the great granddaughter of the original Russ.) She chuckles and saus she’s “just taking in the spectacle,” and it is funny–haha or peculiar, we’re not sure–to watch the changes. For its part, Whole Foods will pay homage to the historically delicious neighborhood by featuring local picklers in its cheese department.

Whole Foods – Bowery
95 East Houston Street

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