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The Deuce Seven Drama Haiku: Leave Our Underwears Out of It!


Not gonna tell you where this is, so you can’t touch it. Nah nah.

After this, we’re gonna step out of this Deuce Seven dialogue because, well, he’s supposed to be leaving New York for Minnesota soon, perhaps we’re just pouring petrol on the fire, and once your underwears end up in the bloggerific discussion, there’s not much left to say. You know?

But yes, Mr. Seven really is enduring a backlash. Over the weekend, a bunch of his pieces got tagged “SNITCH.” We were a little worried that the get-your-ass-kicked-in-prison-diss had something to do with a certain article in a certain New York paper (ruh roh). But between a comment on Razor Apple kindly pointed out by Complex (wassup Mark Ecko!) and also a photo posted over at a “Test of Will,” we see that the person writing SNITCH alleges Deuce ratted in 2000. It’s worth noting that in the course of learning about Deuce, we heard that both writers Kuma and Moose are from Minnesota too; one of the SNITCH pieces bears a Moose tag, so this could be old beef gone rancid. Mind you, this is admittedly complete and total internet-detective speculation.

Either way, it’s a sucky way for Deuce to go out after such a good run. So to send him off, we wrote Mr. double-digits a goodbye haiku. Enjoy!

You came to New York
And made a name for yourself
Mad quickly, Deuce Seven.

People said your work
Looked like Martians, mosquitoes,
Flowers, and poontang.

Even if hoohoos,
They were colorful.
But you in Minnesota.

Then you came back and
painted drunk on the street.
Flickr pooled your work.

Now you have haters.
And KN says you snitched, son.
Good time to go home?

Bye bye, Deuce Seven
Your aliens were dope, but
Thank God for Gore.B.

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