I Know What Jews Like (The Best Macaroons, Matzo, and Wine for Passover)


What to Bring to a seder on Monday or Tuesday:

Pick up some chocolate-covered matzo from Streits‘, which will be open on Sunday from 9AM-4:30PM.

Gertel’s makes the best macaroons in town, and yes, they’re still there. The store will be open on Sunday from 6:30AM to 5:30PM.

And now for the booze!

We talked to Greg DalPiaz at Astor Wines about his favorite kosher vino. People, there’s no reason to drink Manishevitz, ever. But you can stick with tradition by bringing an Israeli bottle (although Astor Wines does have a big selection of Kosher wines from Italy, France, and the U.S.). “I figure, for Passover, it’s nice. If you can, why not?” DalPiaz said. Here are his picks:

If you’re going to your boss’s house:
Noah Tevel’s traditional, white and red Bourdeaux wines will impress without breaking the bank. The Cabernet Merlot is on sale right now ($12.99), and to go with the gefilte fish, DalPiaz recommends the Noah Tevel Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon ($14.99).

If you’re going to your parent’s house:
DalPiaz likes Tishbi’s Pinot Noir. “It’s a really nice, clean, fruit-driven wine,” he said ($18.99). On the white side, Tishbi also makes an “Emerald Riesling,” ($9.99) which DalPiaz likes for its subtle sweetness.

If you’re going to your friend’s house:
DalPiaz has a couple of crowd-pleasing, but inexpensive recommendations for a laid-back seder. From Barkan Estates, the Classic Petit Syrah ($7.99) and a Sauvignon-Blanc ($7.99).

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