Better Than Guitar Hero: Rock Band


This is what the people who made Guitar Hero did on 06/06/06. Seriously.
Photo courtesy of Harmonix, originally published here by yours truly.

You know you cried a little when you heard that the folks from Tony Hawk would be working on Guitar Hero III. Well, apparently that shift was to free up Harmonix, the Boston-based videogame company who made the Guitar Hero franchise along with Karaoke Revolution, so they could develop something insanely better: a full-on motherfuckin’ rock band! Best part: if you don’t have any real-world friends to make up the whole four-piece, you can play with ugly strangers online. Yep, US Today has the scoop.

In the popular game Guitar Hero, players tap color-coded fret keys and strum a guitar-shaped controller in time with scrolling on-screen notes. Rock Band “takes the core premise of Guitar Hero and expands it tenfold,” says Alex Rigopulos, co-founder of Harmonix, which developed the game and the Karaoke Revolution games. “It lets you create a complete collaborative band.”

MTV is supplying creative and financial support to Rock Band‘s development, as well as helping make deals with various music publishers.

That means Rock Band will have performances by the original artists. In most previous music games, almost every song is done by a cover band. For Rock Band, some labels plan to supply original recordings. “This game offers a meaningful way for labels to participate in a segment of entertainment they, for the most part, have not been able to,” MTV’s Jeff Yapp says.

If you don’t hear from SOTC for a bit, that’s cause we just died and went to Hell. . . where Rock Band is already released. . .

Official Rock Band site here.