No More All City Smartypants! Now We Just Post Top Threes to Make Blog-A-Logger Oliver Happy!


The fattest player in NBA history reads All City!

Earlier this evening, a former “dating blogger” named Oliver Miller complained in our comments section about us writing too smartypants about a street artist/writer/woodcutter. So we checked out dude Miller’s ingenious Nerveblog-a-log” (is it us or is he admitting that his blog is shit?) to see what he’d been up, y’know, if he’d unlocked some secrets to the Internets and could show us how to step up our Web game. Turns out he has figured out something more clever than supporting local art: it’s called posting a photo of Britney Spears bald and TOP THREE YOUTUBE VIDEOS OF THE DAY. Holy blog-a-log!

So for our closing post today, we defer to Oliver Miller’s method of posting. . . the “Top Three of the Day Because We Don’t Have Time For the Top Five.” (Not to be a dick nose, but now who’s rushing to meet deadlines, Ollie?)

To quote Oliver, “Let’s begin.”


Top Three New York Adbusting Flicks On Our Hard Drive, All Shot Within The Last Month

3.) MIMS saying “Impeach Bush” instead of “This is Why I’m Hot”

2.) MGD Lady With Orgasm-Face Gets Markered Mustache and a Pubic-Fuzz Armpit

1. Ultra.Rock Guy Becomes Ultra.Cock Guy!