Poster of the Week: Sto’s Piece for Cardboard Records’ Release


Parts & Labor, Big Bear, Gowns, Alex Delivery
Venue: Luna Lounge, 361 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg
Date: Friday, April 6
What To Expect Based Solely on the Flier: Spiritual healing, Christian Scientist lice-treatment, tag-team armpit smelling.

Artist: Sto, co-founder of Cinders Gallery in Williamsburg (where, yes, YACHT is playing on April 14).

Concept: “I’ve been working on a series of paintings and drawings exploring faith healers, snake handlers, telepathic powers, and possession,” Sto e-mails. “I love the look on people’s faces when they are in that state of being possessed, the idea of believing in something so intensely! With music, I feel that a kind of possession can happen to the performer and to the audience.”

How Sto ended up doing this poster: “I’ve known BJ [Warshaw] and Dan [Friel] from Parts and Labor for awhile now, they played one of their first shows several years ago at an art show i was having in this garage space I was living in Greenpoint. . . I had Dan play a solo set of music at the opening of my most recent solo show of paintings at Cinders. I also drew the cover for the first record they released on their label Cardboard Records and another one [below] for one of my favorite Brooklyn bands Pterodactyl.”


Parts & Labor, “A Great Divide”
Big Bear, “Track 01”
Gown, “Feathers”

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