This Week in Newsprint Fingers: Winter Music Conference, Titan, Macy Gray


Man that cover story sure had some teeth!

COVER STORY by Makkada B. Selah
You know you wish you were at the Winter Music Conference too. Pretend you were here.

BAND ON THE STREET by Michael Crumsho
Titan pioneer the rock-manure sub-genre called ‘solar-horse-shit-core.’

NEO-SOUL DIVA WATCH by Miles Marshall Lewis
Chill pills, Wikinomics, chicken grease, and the proverbial pan: somehow these nouns all relate back to Macy Gray.

THE (REAL) SOUND OF THE CITY by David Marchese
Heaven & Hell at Radio City Music Hall in which the reviewer watches Tommy Iommi’s breath melt childrens’ faces.

CRED SHEET by Rob Harvilla
In which Harvilla wonders why anyone would knowingly watch a video clip of Karl Rove rapping. And for that matter, Alanis Morissette grinding? What is wrong with you people?

Remixes of Faze Action, Beck, OOIOO.

Fountains of Wayne, Traffic and Weather: I was accidentally present during this shoot. I know you don’t care. Neither did I!
Stephen Marley’s Mind Control: What an S.O.B.!
Elana James: What a D.C.C.!
Ozomatli’s Don’t Mess With the Dragon: They sing in both English and Spanish!

FLY LIFE by Tricia Romano
Romano gets drunk, bowls, sings karaoke with the Pierces, and writes a lot about their video “Boring,” which is conveniently located below. The magic of cut-and-paste.