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So, I hear you like to blog: Some Men

This week in the Village Voice Theater Section:

Michael Feingold joins together Terence McNally and Adam Rapp, finding commonality between McNally’s portraits of gay relationships in Some Men and Rapp’s addled Midwesterners of Essential Self-Defense. Feingold also grieves that Joan Didion’s memoir of mourning, The Year of Magical Thinking, doesn’t translate more successfully to the stage.

I get tangled up in two plays detailing human and non-human bondage. The Aquila Companay’s Prometheus Bound features a handsome lead actor, but that alone won’t enliven this static production. And Lucy Thurber’s Stay features a young woman still bound up in an abusive upbringing.

In the Sightlines section…

In the Sightlines section, Andy Propst sets himself apart from Theodora Skipitares’s The Exiles. David Ng moves into with Widower’s Houses, but doesn’t much care for the surroundings. And Garret Eisler reluctantly climbs into bed with Scituate, a drama about a man who lies down on the job of living.