New York

Micro-Greens are in for Spring


Baby Italian Arugula, $4/pound at JD Farm

We may have to wait a few weeks yet for asparagus and ramps, but at least the greenmarket is green again.

At Union Square right now, it’s all about micro-greens, like the delicious spicy salad mix from JD Farm, or their gorgeous Italian arugula. At Yuno’s Farms we spotted the youngest bok choy we’ve ever seen, with slender pale green stalks and crisp leaves–which means less water-log, more leafy taste. Also at Yuno’s Farms, infantile broccoli rabe, with some tiny yellow flowers, but mostly leafy greens and stalks so small they barely need trimming.

Look for sorrel, pea shoots, baby mustard greens, baby spinach, tatsoi, and more. Oh, yeah, and the freakin’ apples still abound, too.

Delightfully bitter mizuna at Yuno’s Farm

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