Goat (Cheese) Season has Begun


Why does goat cheese have a season? Do goats need light to grow? No, but they give birth in Spring, so the milk starts flowing in April. (Sorry if that is gross, but, well, you’ll live.) Fresh goat cheese is the thing right now, and for the next couple of months, cheeses aged to various levels will abound.

Anne Saxelby, the enthusiast behind Essex Market’s Saxelby Cheesemongers, is a serious goat connoisseur. Here’s what she’s excited about right now:

Lazy Lady Farm Marbarella:

Many of you remember Trillium (a Lazy Lady creation consisting of
layers of goats’ and cows’ milk) with a fondness bordering on
obsession. Myself included. Well, Marbarella is the all goat
version… three tiers of goats’ milk goodness separated by wispy layers
of vegetable ash. A cheesy phenomenon not to be missed!

Beltane Farm Fresh Chevre:

How can something so simple taste so good?! The logs of fresh chevre
from Beltane Farm are tangy, lightly sweet, and oh so wonderful. The
craftsmanship of cheese maker Paul Trubey shines through with his
delicate, creamy, and silky chevre. Use any excuse you can to treat
yourself to a wee morsel.

Lazy Lady Farm La Roche:

A little bell shaped wonder from the talents that be up at Lazy Lady.
Covered by a thin coat of downy white mold, the paste beneath is pure
magic… tasting of goat, cut hay, and most important, a little bit


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