When Streetwear Goes. . . Legit: Weeklydrop On Satellite Radio?


The Butcher, Carvalho, and Hepdog

If you don’t already know the beef-eating jokers from streetwear show Weeklydrop, then you should really get acquainted. We don’t want to hear any of this whiny I-don’t-play-the-streetwear-game-because-I-ain’t-
crap. Ain’t like that. You don’t have to know the difference between Nike Vandals and Adidas Attitudes (though you should cuz they both got logos) to appreciate the mad comic genius of Puerto Rican cleaver-wielder Frank the Butcher, bespectacled techno-head Jeff Carvalho, and an ex-con with one of the most irresponsibly offensive diarrhea-mouths this side of jail, Mr. Robert Heppler. (Ever been in a long car-ride with the kid? Dude puts Bob Saget in The Aristocrats to shame.)

We say this not just because your fine All City host wrote about two of them way back when you were still eating out of your mama’s bra, or because they once had us on an episode of the show, but because together these three are hi-larry-ass. They don’t just talk shop with the sneakerheads and label designers, they also get people on the line with mad mainstream crossover appeal like Lupe Fiasco, Bun B, Mister Cartoon, and Talib Kweli. And even if you don’t know the difference between David Ortiz and Dave Ortiz, it’s still funny when the latter Ortiz from the butcher-themed sneaker shop Dave’s Quality Meat starts talking about some Aussie who brazenly bit his store’s concept for a meat-themed store called Bobby’s Cuts, and then says to the Weeklydrop boys, “When I go to Australia . . . I’m gonna fuckin’ take a shit in his dressing room, just to prove a point.”

Anyways, for over a year, Weeklydrop‘s been kicking it completely Podcast-style. But we heard a ridiculous rumor that Weeklydrop is gonna be on satellite radio. Siriusly! We also heard that it has something crazy to do with DJ Muggs and Eminem’s station Shade 45 and “Soul Assassin Mash-Up Radio” and busloads of Asian ladymen! Um, that last part might just be a rumor started by Heppler himself, but you get the drift. Word on the e-street is that these dudes have gone legit. Be afraid. Be very afraid.