April Bloomfield’s Last Meal


April Bloomfield was just named one of Food & Wine‘s Best New
Chefs, but that hasn’t stopped the co-owner and executive chef of the Spotted Pig from thinking about her death. This Englishwoman’s last meal involves no pig—spotted or otherwise—and her love of Italian flavors would be put on hold for the night. Bloomfield says she doesn’t even need dessert, but she does want two kinds of potatoes.

So, have you had a chance to think about your last meal? Yes, I know the answer. I’m ready for ya.

Let’s hear it. Well, it would probably be with all my friends. I would get Peter Begg to cook for me. He’s a great Scottish guy and such a great home cook. I used to be his neighbor, and I would come around all the time to eat.

What would he cook? A rib of beef, cooked medium-rare, and lots of roast potatoes, cooked in fat. Also carrots, peas or parsnips, and mashed potatoes cooked with a lot of butter. Maybe some onion gravy. And Yorkshire pudding.

And where would you be? In New York, or back in England? Maybe a local pub or a friend’s house, outside, under a nice English oak tree, just having a laugh.

And what would you drink? Probably some nice wine, and then I would finish with a nice cold beer.

Any sweets? Not really. I think I’d be pretty full.

Yeah, I would think. It’s definitely like a last meal, really satisfying. I would really be ready for my beer. The beer would make a wonderful palate cleanser.

What would the weather be like? I think it would be summer, but not too hot. Not that it ever gets all that hot in England, but I think it would be in the afternoon—maybe three or four o’clock—with enough sunlight, but not beating down on us too much, and a nice breeze in the air.

So, it’s beef, not pig for your last meal? Yeah, well, right away I thought of this sirloin my mate Peter once made. It was simple. He did it with some wild mushrooms, and it was just perfect. A perfect meal. What more could you want, really?

Are people intimidated to cook for you? Well, not Peter. He is a really excellent cook. And we used to work together [at the River Café in London]. He’s not intimidated at all.

How long has it been since you saw him? Probably like seven months. But whenever I go back, I make sure to visit them.

And get fed? Oh, yes. I definitely make sure to get fed!