Beauty for a Dreary Day


SYNOPSIS In which your Uncle LD sifts through his perilously over-heaped desk, listens to lots of shit and then chooses some faves to post for your listening pleasure (and, of course, as a way to postpone going to the gym…). Palomar (the band) and William Fitzsimmons are lauded, friend John Ashfield’s arty efforts are applauded, and a wee trip down memory lane is undertaken via repeated bursts of Silicon Teens, Love and others.

NEXT WEEK: (Ersatz) Spring! Awakening! Maybe!

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Playlist for Episode 38

Silicon Teens
Sun flight” and “TV Playtime,” from Music for Parties
(Mute, 1980)

Surprise Us” and “How To Beat Dementia,” from All Things, Forests
(Misra, 2007)

William Fitzsimmons
“Leave Me By Myself” and “Body for My Bed,” from Goodnight

I Shot Andy Warhol soundtrack (1996)
Gimi a Little Break” by Love
Love Is All Around” by R.E.M.
I’ll Keep It with Mine” by Bettie Serveert

Bang Gang
Something Wrong” and “Find What You Get” from Something Wrong
(From Nowhere, 2003)

John Ashfield
Love Is Blue” and “Venus” from Love Is Blue
(PopPop, 2006)