Borough Precedent: Staten Island Theater


There Be Dramas

While we’re well aware of theater occurring–even now! this very minute!–in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and even the wilds of Manhattan, we rarely here about theater in Staten Island. But now we’re confronted with evidence that it perhaps does exist. Although, significantly not in Staten Island.

Staten Island playwright Anthony Wilkinson’s Boys Just Wanna Have Fun is set in a 1980s Staten Island gay bar. It’s running at the Actor’s Playhouse. Jump!, which begins at 59E59 on the 15th has been relocated from A Belfast New Year’s Eve to that same holiday on, yes, Staten Island. And as part of P.S. 122’s Best of the Boroughs festival, that venerable performance institution is featuring Sara Valentine’s “live-action, thriller talk show,” it’s subject is, yes, Staten Island. Valentine’s show features “video interview with Staten Island Chuck, S.I.’s resident groundhog, and his handler Doug Schwartz, an outsider sculptural artist who over the past ten years has created a “miniature sacred city,” 150 feet high, out of prehistoric rock on the island’s south shore.” Paranormal investigators, octogenarian visual artists, and a dancing Princeton professor also feature.