Follow-Ups: Laying Down in All the Cardboard-Boxed Beds We Made



To apologize in the comments section. Oliver Miller and All City will now go skipping down the street, holding hands. Ollie, you ain’t so fat! The power of the Internets.

2. All City‘s Big Poppa been caught reading.

We called our dad last night back in Massholeachusetts, he picked up the phone, and was like, “This is Dicknose.” Uh, we ain’t never heard 76-year-old Poppa All City say the first part of that word before, but apparently it was his way of telling us that he’s been reading our blog. Yikes! We think this means that he’s a dope daddy, but this also means we’re probably gonna be grounded ’til we’re fitty! Seeeet.

By the way, this is what Poppa All City rocks on his feet.

3. Broad Noodles gets at us!

I would like to personally thank you for all of the kind words you said about us in your shitty band promo. Due to your generosity, and obvious eye for beauty and talent, i would like to personally invite you to our show. It’s at Crash Mansion on April 28th, and don’t be late !

Eternally yours,

Lord Harry Latts

Broad Noodles

Who wants to be All City‘s plus one?

4. And there is troof to the Weeklydrop-Shade 45 rumor . . .


Full press release after the jump.

(For immediate release)

The Soul Assassins are proud to announce a partnership between The Soul Assassins Mash-Up Radio and The WeeklyDrop. Under the new arrangement The WeeklyDrop will produce a 20 minute segment each week on the popular SIRIUS/SHADE 45 mixshow. This will be the first time a podcast show has been picked up by a mainstream outlet. The popular audio podcast will be joining the The Soul Assassins Mash-Up team officially on April 23rd with special guest Evidence.

The WeeklyDrop is the first audio show dedicated to street culture. With the explosion of the streetwear/sneaker industry, WeeklyDrop has become the official voice of the culture. Hosts Rob Heppler, Frank The Butcher, and Jeff Carvalho have been interviewing designers, musicians, artists, brand owners for over a year with their brutally honest on-air commentary. Past guests include: Jeff Staple, Stash, The Hundreds, 10 Deep, Bun B, Crooks N Castles, Juelz Santana, and Peter Fahey of Sneaker Pimps.

Soul Assassins founder Dj Muggs said “Steetwear/Sneaker lifestyle is a major part of the new culture, and that includes more than just music, we are happy to partner with the The WeeklyDrop to help expose this culture to the rest of the world.”

WeeklyDrop co-host Frank the Butcher adds, “The Souls Assassins collective and Dj Muggs have been a major contributor to the culture for the passed 15+ years. The WeeklyDrop crew is honored to be a part of their movement and will continue to represent the culture but now to a larger audience.”

The Soul Assassins Mash-Up Radio airs every Monday night 7-9 Western &10-12 Eastern time on SIRIUS Satellite / SHADE 45.

About Soul Assassins:

Soul Assassins Inc. was founded in 1992 by Hip-Hop pioneer DJ Muggs, who also founded Hip-Hop super group Cypress Hill. The Soul Assassins collective has produced some of Los Angeles’ finest visual, musical, and theatrical talent with members that include Mr.Cartoon & Estevan Oriol, Cypress Hill, The Alchemist and Scott Khan. The network created by The Soul Assassins has influenced the artistic landscape in Los Angeles since the early nineties and is responsible for over 20 million record sales, several clothing brands, and events such as The Smokeout, and Unity.


About WeeklyDrop:

WeeklyDrop is a variety talk show that provides a voice to the constantly evolving face of global street culture. Developed in November 2005 as a new media outlet for exploring street culture, WeeklyDrop focuses on facilitating conversation between artists (designers, fashions, brands) and the people consuming their products. By interviewing the most influential names in fashion, footwear, music, and design, WeeklyDrop provides its audience with perspective and insight that can only come from open discussion. WeeklyDrop can be heard on-demand at: .