Our Man Sietsema: ‘an intravenous drip of sticky honey’


This week, Sietsema brings us tales of lamb balls and feta boxcars from one state over, a place called It’s Greek to Me in Jersey City. Our man raves about the prices slightly more than the food here, but the whole package sounds pretty good, especially if we were in the habit of partying in Jersey and needed to pad our stomachs before a long night of boozing.

It’s Greek to Me is unlike the Astoria restaurants we’re familiar with in that meat is the main attraction, not fish:

The “GTM mixed grill” ($28.95) is a spectacular deal; easily enough to feed three or four: a meat mesa thrusting upward in jumbled shades of gray and brown, composed of ground-beef bifteki, rubbery lamb gyro with mellow hints of sage, and lamb and pork souvlaki. Sometimes there are chicken tidbits too. If you want to cherry-pick the best, order the pork souvlaki separately (platter $13.95 platter, pita sandwich $6.50).

It’s Greek to Me
194 Newark Avenue
Jersey City
(201) 222-0844