From beheading babies to gouging eyeballs, director Marcus Nispel continues the gory/lame tradition he began with his Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake in Pathfinder. Based very loosely on a 1987 Norwegian Viking drama of the same name, Pathfinder follows a Viking child—the sole survivor of the original Norse journey to the New World—who has been adopted by Native Americans and renamed Ghost. Fifteen years later a second Viking ship arrives in America, and the hairy, fur-clad warriors are out for revenge. It’s immediately clear that Ghost will heroically save his adoptive brethren and the day, leaving the repetitive and poorly lit battle scenes without tension. There is one redeeming skirmish—involving a snowy cliff and elaborate pulley system—but from the guy who’s directed videos for Cher, Billy Joel, and Bone Thugs-N- Harmony? We expected more.