Nobody Told Us It Was Le Tigre Day: Samson Spins and Hanna Hangs


Now that Sleater-Kinney’s dead and waked, Le Tigre’s one of the only real gang of ladymen heroes left. (Don’t even point at the Donnas.) Problem is that Le Tigre’s mostly inactive, so we only get a cameo appearance here, a DJ gig there. Like tonight, JD Samson spins at the Delancey with DJ Jon Jon Battles while her bandmate Kathleen Hanna has a piece in the skateboard-deck show Untitled. Old-school Def Jam dude Cey Adams curated the exhibition. Since Adams designed the graf-styled lettering on the Beastie Boys’ 1983 Cooky Puss EP, and K-Han shares pillows with Adrock, we’re gonna guess that’s how the feminist-punk icon ended up in a group show alongside Shepard Fairey, Claw Money, and Sacha Jenkins. Tonight’s the opening reception. First one with a camera-phone snapshot of Kathleen Hanna’s ponytail gets a kick in the ass.