What To Do With Your Sloppy Ass This Weekend: Skateboard Art, DunksXChange, and Pimp Art


UNTITLED. Tonight’s the opening reception for Untitled, an all-original skateboard-art show curated by Cey Adams that looks amazing. First off, Cey Adams is one crazy-real old-school cat who busted out of the Def Jam heyday, designed record covers for DMX, Method Man, and Jay-Z (Volume 2. . . Hard Knock Life), and got his own Adicolor commercial spot. On top of that, the artists he brought together to paint decks are a roster of hot shit: Shepard Fairey, Espo, Greg Lamarche. Be there or be lame.

CLAW MONEY BOOK RELEASE. Female-graf legend Claw Money not only has a piece in Untitled, but also has a super-secret book release party tonight sponsored by Duvel beer. Wow, that’s some rough Belgian shit. RSVP for the top-secret info; all we know is below.

Thursday, April 12, 2007
7:00-9:00 pm: Book Signing. Music by Wowch
10:00 pm: After Party. Music by DJ Roxy Cottontail and DJ Free Simon
Party locations provided upon confirmation of your RSVP.
Drinks courtesy of Duvel Beer

THAT ’70s SHOW: NEW YORK CITY IN THE 1970s. This is the last weekend of this old-school New York show featuring Daze, Iz the Whiz, Dondi White, LAVA, and Seen. We haven’t made it over to DUMBO (37 Main Street, BKLYN), but call us suckers for any press release that includes the word “pimp.” Like this one: “The exhibition pays tribute to the people of New York—from the pimps and the pushers to the police and the politicians, the musicians and the artists to everyday citizens—whose perseverance during [the ’70s] reveals the true spirit of our city.” The true character of our city puts pimps and pushers on the same level as police and politicians? We like the honesty. All the rest of the info’s here.

DUNKXCHANGE. Yo, and if anybody’s got a pair of those awesome Valentine’s Day Vandals they want to donate to All City, we’ll love your forever. (Size 7 or 8, please.) Help us scope out a pair this Saturday afternoon from 1pm to 5pm at Club T, 240 W 52nd Street is DunkXChange. All the info you could possibly want from a MySpace page here.

KICKSCLUSIVE RELEASE PARTY. We almost forgot . . .