Will Someone Please Vandalize This Web Store?


With all due to respect to all you aspiring coaster-makers out there, but this is wacker than wack: $50 street-art coasters. Some self-described LA “designer” takes pictures of street art, transfers prints of a few “anonymous” artists’ work on marble coasters (wouldn’t be too tough to find out the artists’ identities if there were royalties involved), and then sells them for $50 a set. What’s the tagger who got drunk and sprayed that hooched-up TV on the bottom-right get? A court-ordered attorney? Parole? A criminal record? Mr. TV sprayer’s probably busting his ass ripping tickets at the local corporate-movie palace; meanwhile some fuctard hedge-fund manager who owns a few G-Unit CDs keeps his coffee-table clean with Mr. TV’s work. If we ever see these in person, we will make it our personal goal to smash them. . . accidentally. . . on the owners’ head.

The best-worst part? The other “If You Like . . .” recommendations underneath the product. They’re ri-dick-ulous. So if you like street-art coasters, you will also like . . . a hand-grenade-shaped oil lamp! Ha. And two days ago, everybody was worried about Adidas co-opting rebellion.